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Aberrator - Astronomy THE PLAN The idea to make a program like the Aberrator I got after studying many internet-sites on star-testing and often the effects of certain aberrations were only available as literal descriptions. Only every now and then images (often drawings) where available. To study these images and being able to play around with different amounts of aberrations is the goal of the Aberrator software

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Astronomy < Columbia College | Columbia University Guidelines for all Astronomy Majors, Concentrators, and Interdepartmental Majors. Courses in which the grade of D has been received do not count toward the major or concentration requirements.

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Peru & Chile - is for anyone who wants to learn more about astronomy events, cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids, astrophotography, the Big Bang, black holes.

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A Radiometric Dating Resource List - Tim Thompson Isochron Dating By Chris Stassen The article is well illustrated and well written. There is an introduction to the generic problem of radiometric dating, but this article concentrates on one well established method called the 'isochron method'.

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Planet Surfaces - Astronomy Notes Planet Surfaces Chapter index in this window — — Chapter index in separate window This material (including images) is copyrighted!.See my copyright notice for fair use practices. Select the photographs to display the original source in another window.

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The Remarkable Science of Ancient Astronomy - This survey course covers ancient sites connected with sky observations from Stonehenge through the pyramids and on to astrolabes and finally ending with Galileo's first modern telescope starting the new age in astronomy..

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Why Mouth Wounds Heal Faster Than Skin Scrapes - D-brief Biting your tongue or cheek when chewing can ruin a tasty meal. But thankfully, mouth wounds heal up fast — faster than cuts on skin — and now scientists know why.

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SOFIA | NASA brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.

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